Clean Up Your Activewear.™

Traditional laundry detergents haven’t evolved much in the past 50 years. Tide: same old. Gain: same old scented. Arm & Hammer: yawn. All: whole lotta blah. Seventh Generation: eco-friendly, but not get-the-job-done-friendly. You catch my drift.

These days, most detergents just mask odors versus removing them, which means even after washing, bacteria, body oils and goopy detergent residue still stick around in your clothes and create a lingering odor. It suddenly makes sense why the entire category is so heavily fragranced, right? Even worse, many of these outdated formulas actually clog and degrade fabrics — specifically super tight-knit activewear — so your clothes don’t last as long.

No one else was fixing the problem, so HEX Performance stepped in. And lucky for me, the last few months of my working life have been full of this boundary-breaking brand. NOTE: I’m also a diehard convert and will never wash with anything other than HEX if I can help it. You seriously HAVE to try this stuff. As a daily runner and gym lover, I have some seriously stinky gear, and the small and mighty HEX molecule gets clean done like crazy. #NeverGoingBack












HEX Founder Drew Westervelt is a born innovator and pro athlete who originally sought out to create a product that would clean and protect artificial turf without harming the environment. It was a game-changing idea that also happened to spark a completely new perspective of the laundry category. Drew recognized that turf and synthetic fabrics are both made of plastic. That meant his same science could also work wonders on activewear, helping fabrics perform better and last longer — all without harsh chemicals or traditional detergent downfalls.

Today, HEX Performance laundry detergents, sprays, fabric conditioners and other innovations are the real deal. I’m talking fabric-cleansing-and-caring tech so advanced that it can penetrate even the tightest-knit performance fabrics. It eliminates odors at the source. It protects against stains, stink and damage. And it makes clothes feel as fresh as the first time. HEX yeah.

A kajillion thanks to Karissa, Tom, Jerri, Drew and the whole HEX crew for inviting me to be part of your team. From copy and product strategy to packaging and website copywriting, tagline and naming, I have loved every minute of this journey together. So, here’s to bringing HEX into the next generation with its hot new look, unstoppable science and rocking crew. And to all the readers out there, stay tuned for updates on what’s next with HEX.

Whoa, Mama! That’s a Nice Website.

Bundle Organics™ is on a mission for motherhood. To nourish and comfort. To support and encourage. To entice and delight with certified organic, OB/GYN-approved snacks and beverages made with functional, flavorful ingredients and one woman in mind: mom.

I honestly feel like I’m gushing about giving birth to my own baby when I talk about Bundle Organics, and today I am thrilled to announce that our fancy-schmancy new website is now officially live and thriving.

IMHO, this site looks good enough to eat (or drink….’cause we have fizzy drinks and smoothies too), and I am so proud to have been a part of its creation. I worked with the team at 1908 Brands (parent company to Bundle Organics) and Bundle co-founder slash celebrity influencer @WhitneyEvePort to create content for the colorful, comforting and confidence-boosting design by Betterweather.

The look and feel pays beautiful homage to the ingredient illustrations that appear on our packaging. The expandable navigation helps users easily browse and shop between stages (fertility, pregnancy and nursing). The All About Mom community is a bounty of insightful content for moms and moms-to-be. And the copy? Well, I don’t want to toot my own writer horn — yeah, we all get one — but I happen to think it’s inviting, charming and pretty damn cute all at once. That’s the tone of voice I was going for at least.

So don’t be shy. Click on over to shop craveworthy snacks and drinks for every stage of motherhood. Hint: the product pages are actually some of my favorites because they showcase all the awesomely purposeful organic ingredients within. Keep your eyes peeled for “Whit’s Picks,” a callout posted on all of Whitney’s personal favorite flavors.

And just because I can’t help myself, check out the awesome Bundle Organics endcap currently gracing BuyBuyBaby stores all across the nation. Word on the street is that the products are flying off the shelves.

Silvernest: As Good As Gold.

Just because you’re getting on in years — I’m talking to you, empty nesters — doesn’t mean you’ve grown out of having a roommate. In fact, I could probably point you to about 25 studies that show how important it is to have companionship and meaningful interactions as you age. Isolation is dangerous for your brain and your body, and Silvernest is here to help prove the power of aging in place…with company. This innovative homesharing brand’s new website, updated product offering and new pricing structure are now LIVE, and I was honor to be a part of their creation.

Silvernest is now simpler than ever before. Homeowners can list their home and take advantage of all the helpful features for one low monthly price (no more picking between various plans). Everyone gets unlimited matching and messaging with potential housemates + all kinds of high-value benefits that hold your hand through the homesharing process from start to finish. 

And when I say you can “have it all,” I’m not screwing around. From a rent calculator to help you determine the best price for your home based on the local market, to a hassle-free lease creator, automatic rent collection tool, legal concierge (in rare cases of eviction) and Homeshare Harmony experts to answer questions and provide support, “all” is an understatement if I’ve ever written one.

I got to help the Silvernest team with the content strategy and copywriting for the front-end website, as well write the entire sign-up process once you decide to list your home. So if you have space to share, Silvernest is ready and rearing to help you fill it. After all, sharing homes isn’t just for college kids anymore.

Uno. Dos. Delicious.

Hey, I get it. Sometimes hunger happens. Maybe you’re at work, flying from meeting to meeting, and just don’t have time to grab a bite. Maybe you’re at home, clicking from binge-watch to binge-watch, and simply can’t be bothered to walk to the kitchen. Or maybe (juuuuuust maybe) you’re driving home after a weekend away and realize that your pantry is as bare as your butt was that one time at Burning Man.

All three of these scenarios are real and far from infrequent. Hunger can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and it’s why I’m always fully equipped to Take. It. Down. with a freezer full of one of my favorite brands and clients: Tres Latin Foods. From their signature pupusas to quick-prep tamales and tomatillo salsas, every item is delicious, convenient and crafted with real, simple ingredients. Me gusta.

After a full packaging redesign a la Faven Creative (copy by me), I’m elated times three to now announce the launch of Tres’s new website, written by yours truly and designed/developed by Urban Canvas. We took a fresh swing at the content organization and user experience; laid into the updated brand look, feel and tone of voice; and made it as bright and colorful as the Latin regions that inspire each recipe.

So click on over to explore the new site, or better yet, head to your nearest grocery store to stock up on the goods. With Tres, you can celebrate your plate with three times the inspiration and humble your hunger with a full-on flavor beatdown. Uno, dos, DOWN WITH STOMACH GRUMBLES.

Life with Comfort. Life with Style. Life with Campbell.

When a hotshot digital agency like Betterweather comes to you with a project and says, “Erin, we know writing for a Colorado Springs homebuilder may sound a little boring, but the client is AWESOME,” you listen. Well…first you violently hang up on them at the mere mention of the word “boring,” but then you come to your senses, call them back, and listen.

This precise scenario may or may not have gone down the way I’ve described it—it did—but that’s neither here nor there. It turned out to be an absolute treat doing the content strategy and copywriting for this gorgeous new website for Campbell Homes not only because the clients were, as Betterweather promised, some of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever LOLed with via email. But also because we all wanted the same thing: to shake things up and have a little fun in a sleepy, creatively starved category.

After months of hard work, the resulting site is airy and bright with no shortage of movement and gradients. The navigation and content structure is streamlined and organized. The copy is conversational and, at times, even a little quirky. And the brand’s new online experience is uplifting, engaging and ready for homebuying action.

From writing about each unique neighborhood to telling the tale of Campbell Homes’ legacy, this was one of my favorite projects of the past year, and it couldn’t have happened for a better company. Like I wrote on their About page, “Experience is what got us here, and now it’s what drives our success. After all, doing things the right way isn’t always the easy way, but we’re not afraid of a challenge. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone.”

Thanks to Rob, Tracy and Matt over at Betterweather for bringing me on, and to Jenna at Campbell Homes for taking that corgi meme way too far (which in reality, wasn’t far enough).

Meet the Farmstead CBD Brand.

I came across VitaMia Hemp in a rather roundabout, non-buisness-related way. You see, my new cat Puffin (seen below) had terrible allergies and autoimmune issues that made him itchy all over with painful and unsightly skin reactions. After two traditional vets had “solved” the problem with steroids, steroids, steroids, I changed course with a vet boasting a more natural and nutrition-based approach. Dr. Fern recommended that I immediately change Puff’s diet (a decision that freed him of steroids in less than 2 weeks) and then add some CBD to the mix. Not just any CBD would do, though. She had a strong recommendation for where to find it: “There’s this couple who grows all their own hemp on their family farm up in Berthoud.” Local?! Family?! FARM?! Needless to say, I was sold, and I made the 40-minute drive that same afternoon.



After adding the VitaMia Hemp Pet Tincture to Puffin’s food for a few months, I saw noticeable improvement in his skin and coat. His fur is sooooooo soft, and I think the CBD also gave Puff’s raw, meat-only diet an extra boost. His true personality was finally able to come through—happy, vigorous and ready to explore the world at full speed. Sadly, my quiet, minimalist home was no longer the right place for this adventure-seeking feline, so he’s in a more fitting home now (sniff, sniff, wipe tear). But I have VitaMia in part to thank for helping me give Puffin his health back and get the chance to live a long and healthy life, naturally. No steroids required.

Anyway, now to the work part. After meeting John and Carina, the cool-as-kicks couple behind VitaMia Hemp, I mentioned that I thought their website could use some improvements and that I was the girl for the job. Before I knew it, we were kicking off a full website revamp and repositioning the brand with their epic point of difference: the farm.

VitaMia Hemp is now ‘The Farmstead CBD Brand,’ a hardworking Colorado company crafting ultra-premium full-spectrum hemp products for people, pets and the world. The new tagline, My Life. My Nature.™, is inspired by the brand name, which translates literally in Italian to “my life”.

It was a joy helping bring this growing brand into its own, and I am incredibly proud of the beautiful new website that we created together. So if you’re reading this and have even an ounce of interest in the polypharmaceutical benefits of full-spectrum hemp, take a look and read all about it at Oh, and don’t forget to enter the code Terptember15 through the end of this month for 15% off your order.

Pet Food Made Right. Beyond a Doubt.

Natural ingredients and real nutrition. That’s what’s inside Purina Beyond pet food, the brand that believes responsible sourcing should be second nature. From exclusively U.S. ranch-raised beef to cranberries from farms that pass Beyond’s 32-step evaluation process, these guys go above and, well, beyond in ingredient integrity for our favorite furry friends.
The team at Sterling-Rice Group was kind enough to let my inner—okay, outer—cat lady put her pen to work writing this beautiful new website. Not only did I get to shape the online voice that describes Beyond’s food and treats for all the canines and felines in da house, but I also got to tell the brand story in a way that people might actually want to read. Shocker, I know. The old site was dense, copy-heavy and too much to digest (no pun intended). Now it’s bright, colorfully inspired by the new packaging, and reflective of all that is Beyond.

Check out the site if you’re hungry for more tales and tails about Purina Beyond.They have a whole range of sub-lines to customize your cat or dog’s diet, including Grain Free, Wild, Small Breed and Superfood. Ruff ruff meow.

We Are Market.

First, they went BOOM. Now, we are Market.

It is with great pride and passion that I announce the launch of a new brand and brokerage from my friends Todd, Heidi and Laura, formerly of BOOM Properties fame.

It all started with a name. This relentlessly hardworking team sought a name that would speak to their behind-the-scenes expertise in the Boulder-area marketplace. They are the workhorses. The sherpas. The powerhouse that keeps commercial real estate moving forward. We decided to let other brokers plaster their pretty faces on signs and benches, for we would represent more than a face. We would be the market itself. The name: Market Real Estate.

From there, I brought in the talented Rachael Harp to give Market a vivid, textural brand identity and style. Shortly to follow: the website, marketing collateral, property brochures, business cards and about a million and two other things that all had to challenge the conventions of commercial real estate.

We kept things simple on the web, making a point to make our points without too much fluff. Readers can uncover who we are and what we do with little searching required. The brand voice is pointed, direct and unashamed in its boldness, and same goes for brochures and property descriptions. Each one is a unique story that sells the space in a different way than other brokerages. It’s less about functional details (covered elsewhere) and more about a feeling—crafting something that’s actually fun to read. Wait…fun in commercial real estate? Yes. Hell freaking yes.

Check out the website to get a taste of the new brand (I even got to come up with a kickass URL: And if you live in Boulder, look for our new signage in front of available properties. Where there be yellow and teal, there be Market.

It’s Okay to Stare.

True style is born from self-expression, and if one brand can prove how much creativity, cool and head-turning confidence can come alive from “frame fashion,” it’s On Your Face Glasses. Founded by corporate expat and longtime eyeglass expert Jen Stier, On Your Face Glasses is where individual style and playful sophistication collide to make you (and you and you and you) feel your best behind a sweet new pair of specs.

This startup’s freshly minted website is officially up and running, and it features one-on-one customization and online convenience to help anyone and everyone find their next great frame. Like the site says (and I wrote), Jen’s not just here to help you find glasses that fit your face in every chic detail. She’s here to bring your style up to your level—of passion, personality, success, attitude and everything else you’ve got going for you.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed helping bring this brand to life. Thanks to designer extraordinaire Lacey Ankenman for looping me in, I had the opportunity to shape On Your Face Glasses’ creative strategy and tone of voice, as well as write all the website copy. We landed on a personality that’s confident and playful: the outfitters of true individuals. This is a brand that goes beyond simple shape, size and color to unleash what’s within and let your inner awesome shine out.

The site highlights Jen’s signature stylist video chats and curated collection of frames with sass, class and everything in between. So if you’re sick of the same old glasses, head on over to OYFG and treat your peepers to the future of eyewear shopping. Oh, and many thanks to the lovely Ms. Stier for trusting me with her baby, and to Lacey for being a fierce friend and partner, not to mention an embarrassment of visual talent. I wuv you both.

Pact: The Coolest Brand to Lust After

The new Pact has a new website, and you can bet your organic cotton thong that I had a blast writing it in our cheeky new tone of voice. Ha! Thong? Cheeky?! I’m funny, trust me.

Now, I know I’ve already gushed about the Pact rebrand, but I just can’t help myself. So please, just keep reading and don’t ask questions.

The awesome online refresh features our new look, new logo, new copy and will continue to evolve with updates to the product pages and new earth-friendly styles you’ll crave in every color. The new homepage hits hard above the fold with an in-your-face brand message and then draws inspiration from today’s scroll-happy Insta-culture down below. Then the About page tells our story with energy, uplifting wit and the promises that Pact keeps for its customers and the product pages have poppy infusions of our cute-meets-conscious personality. I hope you click-love it as much as we do 🙂

What’s more, Pact Apparel is leaning hard into content lately (like good, responsible marketers), so we’re writing informative, engaging articles that are relevant to our ‘Pact peeps.’ Here’s a glimpse, plus a sampling of my personal favorite article so far…

5 Ways Organic Cotton Can Protect Your Lady Parts

Girls, let’s get real. We all know how important it is to keep your lady business (aka vagina) in good health, and the first line of defense is your undies. These days, you can’t fling a g-string without hitting a brand that promises to be the best, so we took a look at why so many women choose organic cotton brands like Pact Apparel to protect their nethers.

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