Napkin Labs Site Launch.

03/07 2013

Wouldn’t it be great if every brand would use social media to actually do something (make product improvements, ask for feedback, reward top fans, etc.) versus just paper our Facebook walls with snapshots of cute kittens? Now, I’m not one to hate on kitty pics. In fact, I’m a huge LOLcat fan. But brands can do so much more with social media than talk at people with no credible way for them to meaningfully respond.

My friends-turned-clients (still friends too) at Napkin Labs are hard at work making that change happen one fan page at a time. With their evolving library of customer engagement tools and you-won’t-believe-you-lived-a-day-without-it insights dashboard, Napkin Labs’ platform is helping some of the world’s leading brands tap into their existing social networks with potent purpose in hand. They’re giving fans a voice and providing companies the tools they need to actually hear and benefit from it.

The brand new Napkin Labs website is live and well (copywriting courtesy of you-know-who), so click on over to get a glimpse at what these guys can really do.