The Metaverse Needs Copy Too.

10/19 2022

If you’re anything like I was a couple of months ago, you understand the metaverse about as much as you understand the mating habits of prehistoric birds. Translation: not much.

It’s mind-boggling. And so amorphous. And as far as I’m concerned, cryptocurrency is like paying for things with unicorn teeth. I didn’t get it AT ALL…until I was approached to work on a fresh new female-led gaming studio that’s poised to take the Web3 world by storm—and look damn good doing it.

Introducing Muus Collective, a digital playground and entertainment studio for fashion fans eager to express themselves on an entirely new virtual plain. This team of high-wired visionaries is kicking open the metacloset door to invite more women and non-binary individuals into the fold. Because get this: 72% of crypto owners are men. Let’s change that, shall we?

Inclusive. Immersive. Inspired.

Muus Collective was founded by some of Web3’s leading ladies, and it’s their mission to make the metaverse more welcoming, more expressive and more fun with opportunities to earn and take ownership of your creations. The “muses” are currently working toward the launch of their flagship game, and I was all too happy to help them put language to their brand with a new tagline (WHERE CREATORS CONVERGE) and website. Bonus: they also have plans for a give-back element in the game, which I think we all agree is a pretty hot look.

The future is here, and more is coming.

I’m helping out with copy and brand language for the Collective’s upcoming game, so stay tuned for more news on that.

Also, if you want to work with some of coolest people in the world, they’re hiring.

Also also, it’s up to each of us to learn, understand and participate in the next-gen web in a way that makes sense for us. If you want to learn more, ask my girl Amanda. She rules.