A Kiss. Un Bacio.

11/12 2014

Just a little online praise for my client, Leprino Foods. You may have seen this company’s name in the Colorado news recently with reports that they halted shipments from a dairy farm where the cows were being abused. Now, I’m very pro-animal, so when I heard that Leprino was cutting off support for a supplier who mistreats their hard-milkin’ cows, I was pretty damn proud to have them on my client roster.

Leprino’s main brand is Bacio Cheese, which is premium mozzarella blended with a signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ (bacio means kiss in Italian) to make it super rich and creamy—perfect for pizza and lasagna and all that melty, delicious goodness. I’ve had a chance to help on various projects for this brand, including website content, a sponsored article in PMQ Pizza Magazine (glamourous, right?) and a whole slew of other items too. So the next time you’re sitting down to a slice from your favorite pizzeria, just think: that cheese probably comes from a company who really cares about where their ingredients come from. Knowing that makes it taste even better if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.22.18 AMAlso, side-note: This is my 200th official blog post to erinbosik.com! I’m probably the only person excited about it, but I bet I feel the same way Seth MacFarlane did when he produced the 200th episode of Family Guy.