Two Good Website Launch

08/08 2023

Cups of good. Worlds of good.

Did you know that 30–40% of the food supply in America goes to waste while up to one in six Americans are facing food insecurity? That’s straight-up crazy pants, and it’s why I am so happy I got to write the new website for Two Good®, featuring their Less Hunger, More Good program. For every Two Good yogurt or smoothie sold, this do-gooding brand helps feed someone in need. “Delicious” doesn’t even begin to capture it.

Feed yourself and someone else.

Two Good is single-minded about two things: feeling good and doing good. “Yes” to simple foods, healthy choices and a sustainable food system with less waste. “No” to empty ingredients, empty promises and empty stomachs. That’s how more good gets done, and these cups and bottles are at the forefront.

As part of Two Good’s website restructuring and redesign, I got to work on a series of webpages that detail all the amazing work that this brand does for the common good. Click here to learn more about their tasty efforts, including donating to organizations that prevent edible food from going to waste, using Verified Rescued™ fruit in their Good Save® products, and minimizing their environmental impact.

So proud to ‘B’ a part of this project.

And as if all that good wasn’t good enough, they go even further. As part of a Certified B Corporation, Two Good balances purpose with profit to build a better world through business. Companies in the B Corps™ community work to make business a force for good by meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Be a Two Gooder.

I have always and will always love working for brands that believe in building a better world. Having worked with the extraordinary Two Good team at Danone on their rebrand, tagline, packaging copy and now the website, I am proud to call myself a certified Two Gooder in every sense of the words.

Please join me in supporting this give-back brand with your next grocery shopping trip. The store locator is up and running to show you where to shop, and I’ll be waiting for your review as I scrape the bottom of my Good Save® Meyer Lemon cup.