Inversoft Website and Video Launch.

01/23 2013

Profanity filtering software: It’s the stuff that keeps online communities safe. From multi-user mega games and brand message boards to chat functions and kids-only online spaces, user-generated content is everywhere. It’s a great way to encourage interaction, but it’s also a big, giant black hole of profanity and prowling.

Good thing my high-tech client Inversoft has the solution. It’s called CleanSpeak, and it has all kinds of super sophisticated, profanity-seeking algorithms that make it the best on the market. What’s more, Inversoft also offers on-staff expert moderators to do the gatekeeping for you. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and I for one am glad to know there’s something like CleanSpeak out there to help brands and websites keep their users—not to mention their reputations—protected.

So without further ado, please take a look at the spanking new Inversoft website (copy written by mois). Also, check out the video I scripted at the bottom of the homepage or watch it below. It’s pretty damn skippy if I do #HumbleBrag so myself.