LiveWell Colorado Website Launched.

05/25 2011

Whew. This one was a doozy. And by doozy, I mean heck of a lot of work.

Today my amazing team at rabble+rouser and I launched an all-new website for our client LiveWell Colorado. In conjunction with our partners at Launch Advertising (who created the TV spot), we’ve been hard at work bringing LiveWell’s obesity awareness campaign into a streamlined, informative digital space.

Being a Boulder girl, I am always surrounded by countless fit, healthy people. Like, seriously ripped individuals. Some might say they’re even Health- or Fitness-magazine-worthy. Ahhh…all those tight bodies can make a sister swoon. But it’s actually somewhat counterintuitive that Colorado is the leanest state because in fact, more than 50% of our population is overweight or obese. Yeah…I know…crazy.

The campaign site includes an abundance of helpful resources from the 360° Gut Check tool (discover your BMI, waist to height ratio and take the behavior quiz) to the Take Charge section, which is overflowing with simple small steps you can take on the path to better heath.

Click over to to explore the site and maybe even commit to taking a few small steps of your own.