First Time to 2nd & Charles?

12/02 2020

The new website I wrote has all the answers you’ll ever need about this geeks-and-gamers’ paradise. Virtual fist-bumps to Chad Morgan for bringing me on (and for crafting one of the coolest, most eye-catching site designs of recent history). And big thanks to the 2NC team for giving us so much creative freedom, I almost didn’t think we’d get away with it. Thanks, gang. We owe you one.

Like Fun?

2nd & Charles is the ultimate destination for entertainment of all kinds. It’s basically a blend of a bookstore, music shop, swap meet, game emporium, collectibles fair, and seller-of-(almost)-all-things. You can shop new or previously loved merchandise in an atmosphere that’s light, inviting and full of “your people” — nothing like the dusty used bookstore you avoid walking past on your way home. Shiver.

Even better, 2nd & Charles is good for people and the planet by facilitating what our team has coined we-cycling. It’s recycling to the power of “we” by giving your stuff a second life.

Previous homepage for comparison:

What’s We-Cycling?

I’m so glad you asked. 2nd & Charles has hoards of fans. Diehards, even. It’s a place of community, sharing and keeping great stuff in active rotation. It’s where old goods become new greats by simply exchanging hands. So, while recycling is defined as the process of converting waste into reusable material, we-cycling is the same thing, but with humanity throw in for good measure. It’s people doing the cycling — gamer to gamer, reader to reader, friend to friend — and 2nd & Charles is where it happens.

How Does It Work?

There are 2nd & Charles stores all across the country, and you can easily shop until you drop. There’s so much to explore. It’s like entering a whole new world every time you turn a corner or meander down another aisle. Even better, 2nd & Charles makes selling easy. You just bring it in your gently used stuff, browse while you wait for the buying manager to evaluate your items, and then get an offer for cash or 2x that value in store credit. Bingo-bango. We revamped the website to spotlight this simplicity where the old site made it look…let’s just say, complicated.

Previous “Sell” page for comparison:

The Copywriting Challenge of a Lifetime

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a geek. But I’m not a gamer, Funko Pop fan, manga master or action figure addict. So, when Chad and the 2NC team came to me to write this site, I had to buck up and nerd up. I did my research. I delved deep into the inner workings of comic books, collectibles and rare editions of classic books. Then, I had a blast bringing it all to life through the playful, pun-happy tone of this extraordinary brand. The category copy is my personal favorite. Check it.

Find Your Local 2NC

So, now that you know how rad this place is, I encourage you to visit, shop, sell, trade and help save the world. You never know what treasures await, plus it’s just a kickass place to spend some time — masked up for COVID safety, of course. See you there.