Copy So Hot, It Burns.

05/01 2014

Okay, okay. That probably wasn’t the best way to headline a post about cremation equipment, but a copywriter’s prerogative is what it is. Don’t hate on me.

Now that I have your attention: I never thought I would know quite so much about mausoleums, columbaria and everything that goes into permanent memorialization after death, but I gotta tell you, I actually really like writing about this stuff. Carrier Mausoleums Construction, or CMC for short, is a client I started working on last year in partnership with Oblique Design (one of Boulder’s best shops btw). As you can probably imagine, it’s been quite an interesting ride.

Throughout my projects for CMC—which include a comprehensive printed brochure, email drip campaigns and web pages like this new one on human cremation equipment—I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also cringed a little from the subject matter on occasion. But mostly I’ve just appreciated the opportunity to challenge myself and dig into an industry I never even thought I’d touch. So thanks, CMC. You’ve made me a better writer, and I’m pretty confident I’ll be grateful for that until the day I die.

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