Pet Food Made Right. Beyond a Doubt.

08/18 2018

Natural ingredients and real nutrition. That’s what’s inside Purina Beyond pet food, the brand that believes responsible sourcing should be second nature. From exclusively U.S. ranch-raised beef to cranberries from farms that pass Beyond’s 32-step evaluation process, these guys go above and, well, beyond in ingredient integrity for our favorite furry friends.
The team at Sterling-Rice Group was kind enough to let my inner—okay, outer—cat lady put her pen to work writing this beautiful new website. Not only did I get to shape the online voice that describes Beyond’s food and treats for all the canines and felines in da house, but I also got to tell the brand story in a way that people might actually want to read. Shocker, I know. The old site was dense, copy-heavy and too much to digest (no pun intended). Now it’s bright, colorfully inspired by the new packaging, and reflective of all that is Beyond.

Check out the site if you’re hungry for more tales and tails about Purina Beyond.They have a whole range of sub-lines to customize your cat or dog’s diet, including Grain Free, Wild, Small Breed and Superfood. Ruff ruff meow.