Bubba Whattuh?!

12/02 2017

Introducing: Bubba Sunshine, an all-new brand of everyday-problem-solving, all-day-life-hacking products created by my friend, colleague and certified strategy superstar Molly Lazzara.

It was an honor to help Molly polish her brand positioning and write the copy for her launch website, especially because this isn’t just one hell of a good brand, but a do-good one too. Bubba Sunshine products are super simple and affordable, AND Molly donates 30% (yeah, you read that right) of her profits to charitable organizations and projects. Check out the current recipient here.

Sample Copy:
The Go-Bag Vial
Spilled baby formula: the struggle is real. This go-anywhere, do-(pretty-much)-anything vial was born from our frustration with today’s to-go containers. The openings are too narrow, the designs are too kiddie, and if we spill one more scoop of this powdered gold, we’re going to SCREAM! Not really, but the Bubba Sunshine Go-Bag Vial is here to keep your calm—solving the formula matter and more.

Many thanks for including me, Molly. And here’s to awesome success for Bubba Sunshine as it embarks on it’s path to “Why didn’t I think of that?” global domination.