Get Invested, People.

04/24 2013

This day in age, it’s tough to get psyched about making investments. With all the ups, downs and meltdown crashes, all those numbers scrolling on the bottom of your CNBC screen can start to feel like a tumultuous relationship you can’t break free from without losing it all. And even if you do end up pulling out successfully (for now), there’s a decent chance you’ll end up crying on the floor mere weeks later with what’s left of a half-eaten pint of Ben and Jerry’s dripping down your face.

While this may be the story for many of us—specifically those who aren’t well schooled in the rules and strategies of effective investment—it definitely doesn’t have to be. There are people who can help, like my client the Institute for Wealth Management, for instance. These guys are kind of like angel investors, but not in the traditional sense.

Here’s how it works. For folks with a decent amount of moolah in the market, the Institute will work directly with their current custodians (people like Schwab, Ameritrade or Fidelity) to help investors make more informed decisions. They don’t ever take money out of an investor’s name and they stay pretty much completely behind the curtain (that’s the “angel” part) as they make skillful recommendations based on their research, trends and unparalleled years of experience. Pretty cool.

Even cooler, the Institute’s brand new website is live and ready for your reading, so take a peek when you have a chance. Many thanks to Pure Strategic for bringing me on to do the copywriting and content strategy for this project. I certainly learned a thing or two about the financial world, and I’m grateful to have been part of such a outstanding transformation.