The Power of Green Tea Compels You.

08/02 2012

Tired of that 2:30 feeling? 3:30? 4:30? Or how about that feeling you get when you toss back any one of those run-of-the-mill energy shots? (gurgle) Well, now there’s a better energy alternative, and it comes from from the makers of everyone’s favorite teas: Celestial Seasonings.

Introducing ENERJI™ Green Tea Energy Shots. A line of great-tasting energy shots fueled by all-natural caffeine from green tea. Yum, right? Plus, they’ve got all the energy BANG of their unnatural competitors with none of the aftermath blech that comes with them. Ahhh, that’s the sweet, fruity taste of victory right there.

Thanks to the brilliant crew at Vermilion, I got to write the copy for the Celestial Shots website, which also covers the brand’s powerful Kombucha Energy Shots if you’re interested. The site’s pretty boss, so be sure to check it out. Oh, and I’m sorry I just said “boss.” I don’t know what happened there.