Steel the Spotlight.

07/16 2012

I love being a writer. I mean, it pretty much rules. I get to give brands a voice and become an expert (well, we’ll just say “well versed”) in a wide ranging and somewhat random collection of topics. Take steel, for instance. I had never really thought much of steel. I use things that are made of steel. I have steel in my home. I guess I liked steel okay and all, but I had no idea what a complicated business it was. That is, until Mindy Vernon of Vernon Designs in Aspen, Colorado got ahold of me.

After gossiping and getting to know each other a bit, Mindy put me to work writing the new website copy for Concrete Reinforcing Products, a steel company based in Florida. I learned the ins and outs of rebar, PC strand and building a world-renowned import business based on integrity and lasting relationships (two qualities that are seldom found in this industry). And I swear, now that I know what rebar is, I see it E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

Anywho, the Concrete Reinforcing Products website is live and I’m so excited to share it. Great job to everyone involved and special thanks to Mindy Vernon for bringing me onboard.