Live Prepared Website Launch.

06/23 2016

Ever heard of “extreme preppers”? They’re the folks who stock years worth of nonperishable food, water and emergency supplies in their homes in case of a disaster.

The people with bomb shelters and safe rooms?

The people with gas masks and oxygen tanks for when the four horsemen of the apocalypse come fire-riding into their ‘hood?

You know who I’m talking about. And yeah…this site is not for them.

For Live Prepared, extremism is the enemy and empowerment is the gold standard. This unique brand, which is backed by National Geographic, exists for the rest of humanity: people who want to be comfortably prepped, but not hardcore obsessed. From home and food kits to gear and auto options, Live Prepared has everything you need to weather whatever lies ahead.


The gurus at Room 214 brought be in to help Live Prepared define it’s confident, guiding tone of voice, help set the standard for their new web copy and write some blogs too. Check out my work here, here and here, and for the love of G*d, expect the unexpected, will ya? Stuff happens, and Live Prepared can be there for you when it does. Maybe not the horsemen though, just to be clear.