Typing for Tentiko.

03/14 2013

If you live in Colorado and haven’t yet heard of Tentiko, prepare to have your hipster glasses and argyle socks knocked off. Tentiko is the up-and-coming brainchild of two intelligent entrepreneurs who felt like there weren’t enough fun, unique things to do in Denver. Or at least a good way to hear about them, anyway.

Essentially, people who are experts in some craft or activity—be it screen printing, long-distance walking, coffee brewing, urban foraging or something different all together—can apply to host an “experience” through Tentiko. For instance, Mr. John Doe painter creates beautiful landscapes, so he can invite a group to his studio to make masterpieces of their own under his instruction. The experience will be highlighted on Tentiko’s website, and the public can browse the events that suit their fancies. Prices, dates, times and important info are all listed online, plus fun descriptions about the event and host (that’s where I come in).

Content updates are still in the works, but most of the current experiences have the new copy style. You should definitely click over and check it out, and while you’re there, I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up making a booking. I’m pretty interested in the 3D printing class myself. See you there?