Fun and Puns and Three Bears, Oh My!

08/17 2017

From the forest to your computer screen, Three Bears is officially online and oat-ing it up something fierce. I got to do the content strategy and copywriting for this beary beautiful new website in addition to the positioning and packaging last year, and I’m one proud mama bear of this little creative cub.

Betterweather did a growling great job with the design and development, so I invite you hit paws on whatever you’re doing (hehe) and venture out of your den for some browsing, buying and good-feels finding. You’ll love the exploratory magnifying glass on the product detail pages, and—shameless plug—make sure not to miss all the playful copy when you click Contact and Find. Plus, each flavor has mouthwatering messaging all its own (no repeats allowed), and you can learn about oats everywhere you go. We wouldn’t dare neglect the bears’ favorite ingredient.