Registria Site Launch.

08/06 2013

Paper registration cards aren’t the only way to keep in touch with the brands you love. Not in today’s digital world, at least. Registria, the industry leader in product registration, works with some of the biggest brands around the globe to get them connected to the people who buy their products.

Registria’s powerful technology can even be built right in to digital devices so that customers embark on an ideal user experience from the second they switch a product on. Not to mention these guys are also experts in facilitating streamlined post-sale customer service, cross-sale and up-sale opportunities, ecommerce, partner networks, customized owner centers and a whole bunch of other jargon-fueled terms you can find on their new website.

I worked on the tagline (Connecting Brands to the People Who Buy Them) and all the website copy, and am super grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an innovative company. Here’s to your next chapter, Registria.