Ancient Harvest Website Launch.

03/17 2014

You can’t swing a loaf of fresh-baked bread without hitting someone who’s gone gluten-free these days—especially here in health-conscious Boulder, Colorado. So for everyone who’s fallen in love with the wheat-less lifestyle, I’d like you to meet Ancient Harvest (the brand some of you probably know as “the one in the teal box”) and its boss new website. It’s live, it’s launching countless cravings and it’s one hot little number ifIdosaysomyself.

Learn all there is to know about Ancient Harvest, including:

  1. Where to buy irresistible, can’t-believe-it’s-gluten-free mac and cheese with noodles shaped like little llamas. Truth.
  2. How to tell the difference between quinoa, millet and amaranth—all organic, naturally.
  3. How to make quinoa chickpea chili, among many other tasty ancient grain recipes.
  4. The history of quinoa (a complete protein, by the way), plus the deets on where Ancient Harvest sources their share.
  5. So much more. Like, SO much more.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and see what I’m talking about. Content strategy and words by EBB Copywriting, design by Workhorse 45 and major congrats to the unstoppable Ancient Harvest brand team: Constance, Lauren and Blake.