Trimble’s All High and Mighty and Stuff.

10/13 2015

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s the high-flying trio of Trimble UAS products here to save the day for hardworking surveyors around the world. All are mightier and more elevated than the competition, and each stands out with its own special suite of super powers. From collecting data in dense, hard-to-reach places to soaring over expansive environments in a single flight, the Trimble heroes are equipped to conquer any mission.


I was positively privileged to concept and write this campaign for Trimble Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) with the heroic hotshots at Urban Canvas. The finished product included sleek sales materials (above), exclusive trading cards (below), pint glasses, tees, can koozies and more.

Trading cards

Sample Trading Card Copy:

The ZX5: Dexterously dominating even the tightest spaces

Look where you’d least expect and you may catch a glimpse of a Trimble® ZX5 Multirotor as it navigates some of the planet’s tightest spaces. Designed to perform everyday jobs with ease and speed, the highly reliable ZX5 requires no launcher and captures georeferenced photos with superior accuracy. Onboard is a hardy 16MP Olympus camera that collects hi-res aerial imagery and achieves ground sample distances down to 1mm. Bonus: it’s fearsomely easy to assemble.