RAD Roller Website Launch.

02/17 2014

The RAD Roller is the most functional massage and release tool ever designed. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. And now it has a scannable, scrollable, stunning new website for the whole wide world on the World Wide Web.

Today, I write this announcement on behalf of this innovative bodywork wonder that hasn’t just been a hell of a lot of fun to work on, but that has quite literally changed the way my body feels and functions. I use it on my neck, my back and my legs daily, and I gotta tell you folks, it’s just shy of magic, and it’s been a distinct honor to be a part of its advertising efforts.

I’d like to give a big roll on the back to everyone involved in the launch of this digital masterpiece. Congratulations to Mike and Dan (the product’s inventors), the whole crew at Row Brands (Josh, Bill and Linnea) and the talented Miss Jess Broom (designer). Content strategy and all copywriting provided by EBB Copywriting LLC.

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