It May Be Grass Fed. But Is It TRULY Grass Fed?

02/06 2017

Ask yourself this: Do you know where your dairy’s been? It’s kind of a gross question when you consider the possible answers, but there’s about to be an udderly uplifting solution for all you dairy lovers out there: Truly Grass Fed.

In a nutshell, Truly Grass Fed is a new food certification effort driven by the grass-fed dairy experts at Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII). When these guys start talking, first you have to ask them to repeat themselves because Irish accents are especially hard to understand over the phone, and then you’ll learn that they know all the secrets of doing dairy right. Let cows graze freely outside 300+ days per year! Stick to small herds so each cow gets the attention she deserves! Support generations of tradition and family farming! Innovate your brains out! Take advantage of Ireland’s natural resources (like ample rainfall and rich soil) and never, ever abuse them! Be nice! Don’t hit! Eat your vegetables! So much common sense!!!

The Truly Grass Fed ingredients seal will appear on products like protein powder, butter, cheese, baby formula, baked goods and more. When you see it on a package, you’ll know that what’s inside is worthy of dairy’s highest honor: a promise made by producers to meet or exceed the following standards.

  • Dairy from cows that are fed a diet of at least 95% grass
  • Dairy that is non-GMO
  • Dairy that is hormone and antibiotic-free
  • A pledge to prioritize the wellbeing of their animals and the planet

I am so grateful to the team at Sterling-Rice Group for bringing me in to craft the tone of voice for this inspiring new brand, as well as write the website and script a video to introduce the seal. I hope you’re all moooved by the results. (I know…I hate me for that too.)