Sistermind Circle Invites You…

06/26 2017

Sistermind Circle is officially open for business, so if you’re a badass female entrepreneur who wants to move from the top 4% (generating at least $500,000) to the top 1% (seven figures, mind: blown), keep reading.

Founded, led and designed by two visionary women who I’m honored to call my clients, Sistermind Circle bravely brings masterminding into the female realm.* Freaking finally, right? Just look for yourself—there are all kinds of programs and classes for men at this high financial level, but none for us ladies. And especially none that combine practical business guidance with spiritual alchemy. That’s the difference of Sistermind: blessings in balance, baby.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t this a little airy-fairy, hippie-dippie for you, Erin?” And a few months ago, I would have agreed. But after listening to these women describe their vision, I’m onboard like an Alaskan king crab on The Deadliest Catch. This thing’s legit. So check out the new scrolling webpage to learn more and apply for one of the 13 coveted spots.

Many thanks to Lexy Lawrence and Elizabeth Robinson for trusting me to build a voice for this brand and letting me pen a fair amount of the website copy. Also, for inspiring me to push my creative limits. I always invite the challenge to write in an unfamiliar style, and this one was a beast (in the very best way possible).

* “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” –Napoleon Hill, the father of masterminding

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Sample Copy:


For the lone wolves and those who live on the leading edge. For the high-earning high priestesses and the pioneering entrepreneurs. For the women warriors. For the wild wonderers. For those who refuse to choose between the worlds of grit and grace.

Sistermind Circle is an invitation to answer your highest calling alongside those who play at your top level of energy, earnings and intense intention.


Sistermind Circle is a one-year journey of intimate alliance, grounded business counsel and metaphysical wisdom that will help you embody the full measure of your sacred leadership. We represent a select few of the fierce female leaders who want to radically raise the bar of wealth consciousness and use their dollars to make waves that will move the world.