Celebrating Co-Ops.

05/01 2012

Now, I hate to bear allegiance to any former Top Chef contestant who isn’t my friend Hosea Rosenberg, but for this website I wrote for Co+Op Stronger Together, Kevin Gillespie is my guy. To commemorate what the United Nations (yeah, the big boys) have officially named 2012 The International Year of Cooperatives, celebrity chef Kevin set out on a nationwide tour of various co-ops and documented his entire journey.

The program known as Lights, Cameras, Co-Ops! was the brainchild of the masterful minds of Milkshake Media in Austin, TX. The road trip concept and accompanying videos became the ideal outlet to highlight how co-ops are helping build a better world one day at a time, and I was happy to help out on the copy for the launch website. I hope you’ll take a look. Oh, and new videos are launching every two weeks until mid-June, so check back to continue following Kevin’s travels. See you on the road…