DiverseFamilies Website Launch.

11/16 2015

Please join me in celebrating a momentous occasion: the official launch of DiverseFamilies.com. Go ahead and pop a bottle of your finest bubbly. I’ll wait…


Okay, have your glass ready to clink? Brilliant.

This outstanding company, founded by Boise-based psychotherapist Sharon Katz, is dedicated to creating unique doll families for each and every diverse family. And lucky me, I got to help out every which way: content strategy, copywriting, photo shoot direction (and a little bitta modeling too), doll brand naming and much more.

Like the site says, “It doesn’t matter if a home has a single parent, two moms, two dads, grandparents, different races, adopted kids or a combination of them all. Our Brightlings dolls and other products are all carefully handcrafted to help kids delight in the awesomeness of being one of a kind.” So go to DiverseFamilies.com. Buy dolls and books. And revel in the inspiring truth: being different is the best way to be. Cheers to that.

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