Waypoint Films Website Launch.

03/08 2017

Random story: So, toward the end of last year, Jed Mortenson (founder and owner of Waypoint Films) asked me to write the copy for his new website. First, I squealed with glee because he’s, like, unbearably cool, and I love his work. He’s also just a really nice guy. Then the squealing continued as I had a ball working on the project from start to finish.

Not surprisingly, one of the more content-heavy sections was Waypoint’s portfolio of work. I was charged with writing short yet descriptive paragraphs for nearly 20 videos. One such video was a promotion for New Belgium’s new Citradellic IPA. The brewery hired Waypoint to film two performances of Austin-based musician Bayonne, so it was kind of a music-video-slash-beer-promo in one. Anyway, as I watched the video for the first time, I fell in love with Bayonne’s song “Fallss.” I watched it a couple more times, and then moved on to the others because, like I said, I had quite a bit of writing to do.

Just yesterday, months after I initially wrote the site, I was listening to a chill-mood Spotify playlist and one particular song caught my ear. Can you guess what it was? Yep. It was “Fallss” by Bayonne. Unbeknownst to me at the moment, I had fallen in love with that song before. When it struck me so intensely, I hit up Google to see if there was a lyric video available. There wasn’t, but there was a link marked “watched” in my history. Lo and behold, it was the very video I had written about on Waypoint’s new website.

Long story short: Waypoint Films effing rules, and I am so proud to have helped them capture their irreverent tone of voice at WaypointFilms.com. Also, it’s a beautiful thing when a piece of art finds a way to follow you. Thanks to Jed for connecting me with something so nice, it inspired me twice.