The New Digital Face of Dalí.

04/15 2014

I’m going to keep this blog brief because frankly, no words can emulate how killer this work really is. Now announcing: the fresh and interactive treasure that is the new, an obra mestra (look it up) crafted by Denver’s own Akavitians. With its stunning 360-degree tour, updated content pages, responsive design and so much surrealism it’ll melt your watch off—gotta get a Dalí joke in there somewhere—this thing really is the cream of the crop.

It was my Dalíght—okay, two Dalí jokes—to write the copy for the virtual tour, as well as a handful of other pages throughout the site, like this one and this one. Thank you to Akavit for including me, and thank you to The Dalí Museum for being so unusual in the very best way possible. Salvador himself wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Picture 1

Read on to whet your mental whistle on some sample copy from the 360 tour.

Destination: The Dalí

There has never been any place like The Dalí Museum, and today you’re invited inside this magnificent building to get a glimpse of legendary artist Salvador Dalí’s world and an unparalleled collection of his finest works. Welcome to where surrealist imagery is accented by Florida waves. Where you stand at the epicenter of St. Petersburg’s arts community. Where you can submerge your senses in a mix of traditional Spanish tastes and modern marvels. And where you can relax, learn, shop, wander, play and quench your curiosity for all that is Salvador Dalí and beyond.

The Dalí is a one-of-a-kind destination that you simply have to experience for yourself—alone or with family and friends.

Helical Staircase: Spiraling ever upwards from the ticket counter towers the Helical Staircase, a structural nod to Dalí’s fascination with DNA. Walk the winding architectural path to the third floor galleries and dizzy your mind with the intellectual depth that is the helix molecule—proof of life’s divinity, in Dalí’s eyes.

The Enigma: The Dalí Museum’s angular cement form is interrupted only by a bulbous, fragmented glass window known as the Enigma. This geodesic sculpture constructed of 1,062 separate panes provides a kaleidoscopic view and summons you to explore Dalí’s key philosophy: view the world from every possible perspective.

The Wish Tree: Had Salvador Dalí created a tree, it would have been this exact one. Like his melting clocks, long and loose branches bow over a woven trunk that represents the vertical axis connecting heaven and earth. The tree courses with gentle movement from the fluttering leaves and written dreams left by visitors. What will your wish be?

The Grotto: Spanish explorers gave Florida its flowery name for good reason. The lush landscape is nothing short of extraordinary, and the Grotto at The Dalí Museum captures this rich fertility in all its splendor. Feel the damp air, welcome the cooling shadows, listen to the splashing water and feast your eyes on the elysian living wall of orchids, bromeliads and enduring growth.

The Fountain of Youth: Just as Dalí hoped to restore vibrancy and energy to the world of art, the Fountain of Youth lets you replenish your spirit with its mystical waters. Place your hands under the spigot to soak in the essence of what evaded explorer Ponce de Leon in the 16th century and has inspired the city of St. Petersburg for generations.