Zen Posture Website Launch.

03/12 2015

Here’s an idea: how about we all just calm down a little, huh? HUH?!? Deep breaths, Erin. Deeeeeeep breaths…

In today’s absurdly fast-moving world, it can be hard to get even minute of peace, but thanks to my client Zen Posture, you can pack up your mindfulness and take it wherever you go. You can also create a beautiful and stylish meditation sanctuary right in your own home.

Zen Posture offers a variety of meditation-centered furniture products to help you stay comfortable while you’re getting…centered. From the portable, fold-up Ronin bench to the gorgeous altar that it fits underneath, every piece is handmade in Colorado by the expert woodworking hands of Mike Mallory. He works with a third-generation sawyer to source the majority of his woefully miraculous woods, and he lets the natural grains guide his hand. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part: he plants a tree for every bench he sells. Talk about sustainable style.

Head to the new Zen Posture website to shop products, learn about the company and see some awesome design by Dave Blauvelt of The Urban Canvas. And unless it wasn’t clear because I wrote this blog, I did the copywriting.