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10/22 2018

When a hotshot digital agency like Betterweather comes to you with a project and says, “Erin, we know writing for a Colorado Springs homebuilder may sound a little boring, but the client is AWESOME,” you listen. Well…first you violently hang up on them at the mere mention of the word “boring,” but then you come to your senses, call them back, and listen.

This precise scenario may or may not have gone down the way I’ve described it—it did—but that’s neither here nor there. It turned out to be an absolute treat doing the content strategy and copywriting for this gorgeous new website for Campbell Homes not only because the clients were, as Betterweather promised, some of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever LOLed with via email. But also because we all wanted the same thing: to shake things up and have a little fun in a sleepy, creatively starved category.

After months of hard work, the resulting site is airy and bright with no shortage of movement and gradients. The navigation and content structure is streamlined and organized. The copy is conversational and, at times, even a little quirky. And the brand’s new online experience is uplifting, engaging and ready for homebuying action.

From writing about each unique neighborhood to telling the tale of Campbell Homes’ legacy, this was one of my favorite projects of the past year, and it couldn’t have happened for a better company. Like I wrote on their About page, “Experience is what got us here, and now it’s what drives our success. After all, doing things the right way isn’t always the easy way, but we’re not afraid of a challenge. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone.”

Thanks to Rob, Tracy and Matt over at Betterweather for bringing me on, and to Jenna at Campbell Homes for taking that corgi meme way too far (which in reality, wasn’t far enough).