Strategy Is Just ESG’s Starting Line.

08/29 2017

I’m not always so keen to work on B2B stuff, but when Paul Reed of Denver’s Reed Hill approached me about a website for a group of “professional executionists,” my curiosity piqued in a way that felt all warm and fuzzy inside. It even tickled a little, which was neat.

Execution Specialists Group, or ESG for short, is a fascinating organization. Basically, when a massive company goes through some sort of transformation, be it a merger, acquisition or other epic evolution, ESG makes sh*t happen. Fancy strategy firms may be the ones to lay the groundwork for change, but these guys actually do the work and get the job(s) done. Boots, meet ground. Pedal, meet metal. Make sense?

Of course, you know I can’t resist a good tone of voice challenge, and this one was a doozy. Before digging into the full website, I wrote three versions of a potential “About Us” section to give the client a sampling of various tones. From strictly profesh to daring and disruptive, the spectrum of tones helped us hone in on the true expression of ESG. We landed on a straightforward, confident, active brand personality that lends itself beautifully to the very verb-oriented nature of ESG’s work.

From there, I got to work alongside the megatalents at Reed Hill to define the content strategy and image style before putting hand to keyboard and writing what’s now LIVE as a pretty dope new website. So congrats on the launch, ESG. And many thanks to Reed Hill for bringing me in on this bad boy. Your partnership is inspiring and your design, dev and photography moves could kill. I’m glad you know where to find me when you have another site to slaughter.