MyWY Health Website Launch.

07/23 2013

Even before MyWY Health was called MyWY Health, the branding stallions over at Linden brought me onboard to help out with this exciting Wyoming-based initiative. From concepting the new name and penning the organization’s tagline to writing brochures, radio spots, billboards and now the newly launched website, this entire project has been a truly eye-opening experience for me.

MyWY Health is an online health recordkeeping system that makes it so that doctors across Wyoming can access patients’ important medical data online in the cloud. This way, if someone needs medical treatment, but aren’t in the vicinity of their regular doc, their records will “follow” them wherever they go. Before working on this project, I’d never really thought of the fact that rural communities face a real challenge with medical records. Now that I know, it’s exciting to have been part of a branding and campaign project for an organization that’s working to correct that discrepancy.

Congratulations on the launch, Linden. Another job beautifully well done.