Beforeplay Got Some Play… is one of the projects that I can’t help but cherish. Eckhh…cherish is kind of a weird word, isn’t it? Right up there with mollycoddle. And tender. And moist. Man, I’m realizing I have some real issues with soft, comforting words. Maybe I need to unpack that with a mental health professional at some point…

Regardless though, if I could have written for for a decade, I would have. I was lucky enough to be hired by Vermilion to write this sex- and sexuality-positive website and advertising campaign when it first launched in 2012, and it’s still making an impact more than seven years later. Just yesterday, Rachel Maddow gave mad props to our work when speaking to John Hickenlooper about Beforeplay and his campaign to provide affordable long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and implants) to Colorado women. The program has reduced unintended teen pregnancies by 54% and teen abortions by 64% across the state. #BOOM











Check out the full video clip below, and in the meantime, I’ll humble-pride in the fact that I had even a small part in making sure all women have access to reliable reproductive healthcare. The future be female, folks. Let’s rock.

Want to Hang With Whit?



Seriously, guys. This is a cool one. I was first introduced to Whitney Port when I used to watch her on MTV’s The Hills, and then later, her spinoff The City. I legitimately remember telling my husband more than once that “I like Whitney best. Actually, she’s the only one I like. She seems like a nice person.”

Fast-forward ten years to 2018 when my clients at 1908 Brands acquired Bundle Organics™, the bomb-diggity motherhood nutrition brand co-founded by — you guessed it — Whitney Port. I attempted to muffle my squeals of excitement, and I’m only half-ashamed to admit that I only half-succeeded. I. Was. PUMPED.

For the past year, it’s been a privilege to work with Whitney on the Bundle Organics brand, from positioning and tagline (#MomAsYouAre) to packaging, web stuff and events. And now, I can honestly report that she is just as lovely, if not lovelier, than I expected. As normal folk, we always want celebrities to be good people, don’t we? And it’s such a bummer when you hear those stories about your favorites being jerks. But Whitney is an absolute pro and a delight to work with, so I was beyond honored when she asked me to help script the trailer and promo messaging for her new podcast, With Whit.

Photo credit: @WhitneyEvePort

On the show, Whitney will be talking to a range of fascinating people, including close friends and family who have known and loved her for decades and experts in the fields of fashion, beauty, motherhood, wellness, relationships and more. The conversations will be “real, raw and sometimes ridiculous,” (I wrote that part for the trailer, hehe), so you can bet it’s going to be some gooooood listenin’.

The first two episodes of With Whit post next week on May 21, so make sure to listen to the trailer and subscribe on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you get your podcasts) so you don’t miss a minute of the fun. Many thanks to Whitney for trusting me to help out on your passion project, and I can’t wait for The Hills New Beginnings to premiere on MTV this June. You can bet your Hollywood butt I’ll be watching.

Girl Bosses

AIGA, I gotta hand it to you. You put on one hell of a panel last night.

I had a blast listening to four badass females discuss their strengths and struggles in the male-dominated boys’ club better known as “the design industry” at AIGA’s Designed to Lead event. My good friend and colleague Amy Hayes was the ringleader behind the evening while longtime collaborator and comrade Jen Jones from SRG sat on the panel.

I may have been one of the bad kids giggling and stealing all the cheese at the back of the room, but I left feeling inspired and reinvigorated as a creative businesswoman. Insight of the night: the tired “target audience: female 35–55” thing is over. We now live in a world of gender and age fluidity, and we must embrace the evolution of women’s roles as creators and not just consumers.

It’s Real Simple: Choose Three Bears Oats

Just a little quickie here because I totally dropped the ball and forgot to post about this last month. Hand, you may now smack my forehead.

Three Bears (the all-oats-all-the-time brand I’ve worked on since it was just a sparkle it its founders’ eyes) was recently featured in Real Simple magazine (!!!). Jess from Good Point Projects did a killer job getting the word out and finding our way onto the page with her media relations mettle, and the packaging shot is a surefire winner.

I agree that our Cinnamon Raisin flavor is just TOPS, but I must admit that I have a special place in my heart (and belly) for the Wild Blueberry. All Three Bears products are free from the top 8 allergens, plus the oat cups and bars have natural probiotics to support digestive health. From the brand positioning and packaging to the website and promotion, it’s been a pleasure to be part of this beary tempting brand.

Want some? Shop it like it’s hot…off the stove.

The Wild, Wild Expo West

My first — and let’s face it, probably last — excursion to the famed Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim did not disappoint. My feet are killing me. I have a raging headache. And I loved every minute of it.

Here are few (okay, a bunch) of snaps from some of the very best booths. Though to be fair, I’m 100% biased because they’re all my clients with big launches this year. But hey, this is MY blog, so if you have a problem with it, take it up with my assistant: me.

At the Bundle Organics booth showing off my tagline…on a damn PILLOW. #Winning

Celebrating the ribbon cutting of Bundle Organics with Co-Founder (and current Cosmo cover girl!) Miss Whitney Port.

Big smiles for Love Grown‘s new look and tagline. Haaawt new packaging coming to a grocery store near you this summer 😉

Loved seeing my awesome Wildmade clients crushing it with fruit roll sampling.

Did somebody say “pupusa”? Oh wait…I think it was me. Hooray for Tres!

A lot of work went into this 1989 throwback booth for my longtime love and client Made In Nature. Congrats on 30 years of hacking the rules of organic.

Pretty proud of this headline. I’m not gonna lie. Next time you’re at the grocery store, remember to stock up on Made In Nature Veggie Pops and Figgy Pops: bite-sized balls of real-food bliss.

Photo-boothing it up at Made In Nature with design partner extraordinaire Jessie. Thanks for walking the halls with me, girl.

Just saying “Rice to meet you” to my Grain Trust clients who I never met in person until now. Weird, but true.

Three Bears Oats were representing our line of bars, oat cups and squeezy pouches — all free from the top 8 food allergens. You listening, moms?

My Truly Grass Fed clients are in the house all the way from Ireland. So happy to see the butter and cheeses launching in stores nationwide. Happy cows, happy mouths.

You wouldn’t believe how many Boulder– and Colorado-based brands were at Expo, including a huge booth representing Boulder Brands. In the past, I’ve had the honor of working on Gardein, Glutino and Earth Balance.

Oh…and did I mention I met Guy Fieri? (Bet you’re pretty glad you made it all the way to the bottom of this blog, right?! Talk about a payoff.)

V-Day, Take 8.

Happiest of happy Valentine’s Days to you, your friends, your family, your pets, your neighbors, your co-workers, your casual acquaintances, your Uber driver, your Target checkout guy, your mail lady, your significant other, and that dude you saw last week who you thought you knew and you yelled, “Hey Dave!” and it totally wasn’t Dave.

I seriously can’t believe that this is the eighth year I’ve sent valentines to my clients and colleagues to hustle my way above the holiday fray. It seems like just yesterday I was hand-printing 18 cards to hand out to my first freelance contacts, and this year the list has grown to more than 400 people. This annual project is truly a labor of love, but every minute spent it is 100% worth it. I couldn’t do what I do without your support, so I hope you feel every bit of the heartfelt greetings that I send your way.

I’m terribly fawned of each and every one of you, and I hope your Valentine’s Day and 2019 are full of creativity, happiness and plenty of hugs that are juuuuuuuust long enough to not get weird.

Foraging for Three Bears

Is it just me, or can you hardly swing cereal spoon without hitting a new brand of oatmilk these days? Seriously, I was just at the store and in just a few month’s time, this category has gone from zero to awesome with brands like Oat-ly, Planet Oat and even Quaker coming into the mix. And while Three Bears may not be in the milk case…yet (maybe I should talk to someone about that), this brand is bringing nutritious, delicious oats to pretty much every other part of your daily rations.

With four flavors of satisfying oat bars, four not-too-big-not-too-small oatmeal cups and six fruit-and-oat squeezies, Three Bears is as versatile as it is adorable. Kudos to Alicia Potter of Faven Creative on her masterful design work. It was an honor to lead the brand vision and copywriting for this bad boy, and an exciting treat to see them on-shelf at my local Safeway today. Growl on, 1908 Brands.














Two Things Real Quick…

Okay, so the holidays are coming up and I am, like, LEGIT busy-as-a-Bosik-bee. But there are two things that I absolutely had to show you before the tinsel really hits the fan.

First off, all 24 varieties of drinks and snacks from my little brand baby Bundle Organics are now available at BuyBuyBaby. So for those of you preggos out there (and nursing moms and ladies trying to get pregnant), now is the time to shop it like it’s hot. We’ve got smoothies…we’ve got fizzy drinks…we’ve got teas and snack bars and snack bites. We’ve got it all—perfect for stocking stuffers—plus our fancy new website will go live early 2019. Click here to buy.

Secondly, remember how I told you that my client Market Real Estate lets me write all kinds of offbeat and unexpected descriptions for their properties? Well, they recently scored a listing for their first storage unit and told me with full frowny faces that they didn’t have anything exciting to inspire my little blurb. My response: “Challenge accepted.”

(Click to enlarge)


I don’t know what you all did for Thanksgiving, but I downed a clinical dose of adventure in Belize and Guatemala. In case you’re curious…

I snorkled with a manatee (!!!), green turtle, nurse sharks, sting rays and more tropical fish than I could possibly identify. I also got sea sick.

I flew on tiny 10-person puddle jumper planes, one of which had no other passengers except us. I also only half-panicked when it got bumpy.

I trekked to Tikal, sat in the shadow of the famed Temple One and meandered the same roads as the ancient Maya. I also rode in the back of a pick-up truck and ate fried plantains.

I conquered my fears in the sacred Actun Tunichil Muknal cave where I navigated inches-wide rock passages with rushing water up to my neck and stood inches from thousands-year-old skulls and skeletons of human sacrifices. I also saw a cave spider the size of my fist.

(Cameras outlawed in cave. Photo credit.)

Today, I am back home in Boulder feeling thankful for the opportunity to have experienced these awe-inspiring moments. I’m also overwhelmed with gratitude for the people (that’s you) who enable me to live my passion each and every day. To you and yours, I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Now let’s get back to business.

Get Your Film Fix at Altitude.

Last season, I thanked my lucky stars (and festival co-directors Jen and Michael Brody) for the chance to attend the Crested Butte Film Festival as a VIP. I’d worked closely with the Brodys months before to position their brand with a disruptive and transformative idea we all got pretty excited about: We Move You to Move the World.

Now in its second year under the new positioning, CBFF translated some of the copy I wrote into a brilliant visual advertisement for the festival, and I was elated to watch it no fewer than five times in a row. (Okay six, but who’s counting?) I also browsed this year’s lineup and have been cursing my travel schedule ever since for keeping me away this time around. From powerful documentaries and phenomenal features to thought-and-action-provoking shorts, there’s no shortage of winners just waiting to be watched.

The 2018 Crested Butte Film Festival is poised to make any film lover’s movie-going muscles tingle, and it’s all happening next weekend (September 27–30). So, if you want to escape to a world of raw mountain beauty and cinematic masterpieces, get your passes now and let the evocative experience begin. Local hint: All the theaters are within walking distance (take THAT, traffic), though cruiser bikes are clearly the way to go if you want to be “in” with the cool kids.

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