Rabble Rooks Creative Internship Program Launched.

06/08 2011

The all-holy internship. They’re tough to get (true), stressful to apply for (truer) and for those hopefuls who can snag a good one, they’re where you first dip your toe into the sea of creative exploration. No, make that the ocean. No more kiddie pools and floaties—solid internship programs are the real deal.

I participated in several amazing creative internship programs back when I was in school, so I decided to launch one at my current company, rabble+rouser. Like a teaching hospital, I believe it’s our responsibility as agencies to provide opportunities for experiential learning. Dang…that sentence sounds really stiff. Re-do: Some of the most groundbreaking thinkers of this industry have yet to be discovered, so I want to ensure the best and the brightest get their shots at greatness. Better. So, after many long hours, hard work and a few chuckles (when I would crack myself up due to lack of sleep), ‘rabble rooks’ was born.

I loved looking at everyone’s books and applications. (Applicants, if you’re reading this, we were super impressed. You better believe it.) But, just like my barber, I had to make some cuts. Hehe…haircutting jokes. Gotta love them. Making eliminations was not fun, but now, as I head into the final selection process from a pool of stellar applicants, I’m excited to see what these new kids in the shop are gonna bring to the table. In advertising, you either sink or swim and I can’t wait for my new copywriter and art director to dive in and freestyle their way to creative gold. Can I get an AMEN?!?