Learning from “Likes.”

05/21 2014

A single social media post can make a huge difference in a brand’s overall performance online, and boy did I ever get a lesson in engagement this past week. A photo that I posted launched me into the green like I’d never seen (check out the analytics below), and it really got me thinking about the types of content that have the biggest impact on viewer clicks.

I only just launched my company Facebook page last September, but in those few short months, I’ve received quite the education on how fans engage with the brands they love and buy. So consider this my pledge to never stop learning and always keep listening. I will put my evolving social medial knowledge to use in all my work, and of course, on my own page too so that fans can follow the types of content they really enjoy—deep down in their digital guts. And if you don’t “like” me yet, click here and show me the love, will ya? I’m quickly learning how to make it worth your while.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.44.44 AM