Two Things Real Quick…

12/13 2018

Okay, so the holidays are coming up and I am, like, LEGIT busy-as-a-Bosik-bee. But there are two things that I absolutely had to show you before the tinsel really hits the fan.

First off, all 24 varieties of drinks and snacks from my little brand baby Bundle Organics are now available at BuyBuyBaby. So for those of you preggos out there (and nursing moms and ladies trying to get pregnant), now is the time to shop it like it’s hot. We’ve got smoothies…we’ve got fizzy drinks…we’ve got teas and snack bars and snack bites. We’ve got it all—perfect for stocking stuffers—plus our fancy new website will go live early 2019. Click here to buy.

Secondly, remember how I told you that my client Market Real Estate lets me write all kinds of offbeat and unexpected descriptions for their properties? Well, they recently scored a listing for their first storage unit and told me with full frowny faces that they didn’t have anything exciting to inspire my little blurb. My response: “Challenge accepted.”

(Click to enlarge)