So Euro.

07/03 2018

It’s funny how I just returned from a European holiday last month, yet I can’t seem to shake that crazy continent from my U.S.A. day-to-day.

I learned this morning that the article I wrote for Truly Grass Fed, my awesome Ireland-based client, has received more hits than any of their latest news. The topic is regenerative agriculture (a certain buzzword in the modern food movement and a longstanding legacy on Irish farms), and you can read the article right here.

Oh, and can I mention that I’ve also been hopping the virtual pond to work with Prophet London lately? The challenge: creating a powerful employer brand for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The Erin: word-nerding it up with the enthusiasm of a teenage prodigy scoring a massive triple word score in Scrabble. So basically, it’s been a wild and worldly few weeks, and I can’t wait to see what else summer has in store. Happy 4th to you all, and thanks for being my friends—both foreign and domestic.