11th Valentine’s the Charm.

02/14 2022

In true EBB tradition, I sent out a veritable ocean of valentines this year.

In very un-February fashion, there wasn’t a pixel of pink, a shred of red or a pop of purple to be found. Your girl went full Pacific Northwest this year because — as I think you all know by now — I picked up and moved to Seattle last month. But even an interstate move, global pandemic and lack of a permanent address wasn’t going to stop me from making this mailing happen. Because love doesn’t send itself, people. It’s…a process.

In the 11 years that I’ve carried on this loving Valentine’s Day tradition, I don’t think I’ve ever been more touched by the responses I’ve received. Maybe it’s because I heard from so many Colorado folks to whom I’m no longer local, or maybe it’s because the past year has been one of such dramatic change. Whatever the reason, I want you all to know that the love you’ve sent back my way is deeply appreciated and felt with ever fiber of my little copywriter heart.

Big thanks to Julia Williams aka The Designosaur for illustrating this year’s card. And mad love to all my partners, clients, colleagues, friends and family who have continued to support me and my business all these years. I hope my card found you in good health and maybe brought you a little bit of luck too. 😉 🤑

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. May x’s and o’s always win.