Opinions Are Fun. Facts Are Better.

10/21 2020

The election protection campaign I worked on for the Colorado Secretary of State (SoS) on behalf of SRG is now live and not taking BS from anyone! Because #FactsAreBetter, and that’s the truth. Take that, society.

Opinions can be questionable. Elections can’t.

The SoS is Colorado’s trusted source for reliable and accurate election information and results. And in a year plagued by foreign interference and mistrust, this couldn’t be more critical. I’m so proud of my home state and it’s Secretary Jena Griswold for pioneering this important initiative, and I can’t thank Sterling-Rice Group enough for having me as part of their masterful team. From campaign concepting and copywriting to content strategy and relatable Colorado “opinions,” I loved every minute of this project’s creation.

Do you speak Coloradoan?

In an effort to garner attention and clicks on social media, we needed a “sticky” idea — something that people would remember and, fingers crossed, retweet. The line “Opinions Are Fun. Facts Are Better.” launched us into a world of funny Colorado opinions. AKA, our version of “You know you’re from Colorado if…”

– The skiing-in-jeans look is making a comeback.
– You can be a Broncos fan AND a Raiders fan.
– The Front Range smells so good before it snows.
– Rocky Mountain Oysters taste like chicken.
– Microbreweries are so overrated.
– I could have been a Casa Bonita cliff diver.
– Denver weather is totally predictable.
– You can never wear too many Colorado flags.

It is our hope that these playful and localized opinions will entertain Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users and prompt them to share the content. From there, voters and Colorado can easily spread the factual word and know that GoVoteColorado.gov is THE place to go for dependable election information.

As seen in The New York Times

You gotta love it when you wake up and see your work being promoted on a national or even global scale. So, major snaps to Secretary Griswold for having the guts to invest in the fight against misinformation online. Her efforts — and our campaign — were discussed in the October 20, 2020 edition of The New York Times proving that Colorado will not take election interference or foreign threats lying down. We will fight with facts, and we will hold fair and trustworthy elections.


Voting is our right, and it’s up to each of us to make our voices heard. Colorado voters: get the facts about voter registration, ballots, drop-off locations, election results and more at GoVoteColorado.gov. It’s your one-stop shop for trusted information this election season, so get clicking to mute the misinformation noise.