Creative Concepts 101? Don’t Mind If I Teach.

02/10 2016

You know…a lot of people helped me get to where I am in this wild and crazy world of branding. I can track my net of networkers all the way back to my sophomore year at CU. [Insert dreamy flashback music and wavy imagery a la Saved by the Bell here.] Some of my professors were pretty damn diehard about helping their students make industry connections, and it really did make all the difference for me. I’m still in touch with several of the ones who went to bat for me today. They helped me, alumni helped me, random professionals who I emailed, flattered and begged helped me. And now, I get to pay it forward.

One way I do it is by guest speaking any time I’m asked.


Last night it was my pleasure to speak at my alma mater—hopefully inspiring a student or two to psyche up for a career in creative. Scott Hooten, a prized client of mine from VOLTAGE Advertising + Design, is an adjunct professor for the Intro to Creative Concepts class this semester. It was both an honor and a privilege to talk to his class of (mostly) interested students.

Have a class in need of a guest lecturer? Have a panel in need of a copywriter participant? Get in touch and let’s talk about it. Oh, and thanks for having me, Buffs!