LinkedIn Lovin’

06/01 2020

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of social media. Blasphemy for a marketer, I know. But it’s just not my thing. While I wholheartedly and wholeheadedly (not a word, but whatevs) understand the importance of social marketing for brands, I’ve chosen to hone my skillset in a slightly different direction — one that can go to work WITH social media, but not necessarily revolve around it.

LinkedIn is the one social platform I’m on, and I’ve been so impressed by many of my clients’ and colleagues’ professional accomplishments during this time. Seeing as I have a bunch of projects in the works and not much I can share at the moment, I thought now would be a good time to give props to some of my favorite LinkedIn news bites of late. I also wanted to share two recent recommendations I was unspeakably humbled to receive. So, here we go…

Market: Making Boulder Better

Market Real Estate has been a client since before they were Market Real Estate. I helped name and brand this commercial real estate collective and have been honored to pen their copy for years. Today, I’m in awe of Market’s commitment to bring art and beauty to Boulder during these difficult times. Check out the mural they commissioned for the outside of their building on Broadway.

Sterling-Rice Group: Never Sweeter

SRG spearheaded a full brand visioning for Great American Cookies and Cold Stone Creamery, and I was lucky enough to play even a small role in the project with workshop participation and brand story language. Led by the fearless Liz Seelye and the absurdly talented SRG innovation and design teams, this newly combined brand’s fresh location in South Carolina is bringing “The Sweet Spot” to the world in a time when it desperately needs one.

Honey Bunchies: Buzzing with Sales

Kendra Bennett, along with her whole family, is the mind and muscle behind Honey Bunchies. Alicia Potter of Faven Creative is the woman behind the adorable designs. And I’m the chick that writes stuff. LOL

I was elated to read that Honey Bunchies was Amazon’s #1 new release in cereal bars recently, and can’t wait to continue watching this deserving crew get all the honey-sweet spoils of their hard work.

Meati: Masters of Having Fun(gi)

Meati meatless steak is made from fungi, and this incognito meat-o is making its way onto menus throughout Boulder. I’m thrilled for Morgan and the team for continuing their extraordinary efforts to satisfy carnivores’ appetites without harming a single cow. Especially in today’s climate of meat shortages, sick meatpacking plant workers and increased awareness of animal welfare, I literally can’t speak highly enough of Meati. I got to help spiff up their website for launch and participate in their beta taste test. I look forward to working with (and chowing down with) Meati much more in the future.

And Just a Couple of #HumbleBrags…

Normally I let LinkedIn hold all the kind words that my clients have said about me, but you know what? It’s been a rough few months, so I’m going to share them here too. Thank you to Lawrence of WUJU Foods and Jesse of Fullswift Concierge Physical Therapy for your trust, business and wonderfully generous endorsements.