Home Sweet Seattle.

01/04 2022

I moved.

I moved all the way to Washington.

And I freaking love it here.

If you happen to have noticed that my blogs are less frequent as of late, it’s because I’VE BEEN BUSY! (Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. 2021 has already been…a lot. This world, amiright? Sheesh.) Anyway, I left my home state of Colorado for the fog and fun of Seattle, and I’m thrilled to let you all know that I brought my company with me. That’s right, folks. EBB Copywriting + Creative is still open and at your service for all things copywriting, naming, branding, creative direction and strategy. Also, cat videos.

I want to thank all of my current clients not for firing me and for continuing to trust me with your brands. I also want to let any Seattle brands know that your girl’s a local now, so hit me up and let’s do some business. I’m a timezone earlier than I was before, but it hasn’t bothered me. You all know I’m an early bird. Now I’m just an early bird who more frequently flies in the rain.

Happy new year, everyone. Can’t wait to Pacific-Northwest it uuuuup. I’ll get back to my usual blogging self very soon, so stay tuned.