Akavit’s Inebriant Holiday.

12/21 2012

What will these guys come up with next? Honestly.

My powerhouse creative friends at Akavit had the borderline brilliant idea to gift clients with booze this holiday season. But not just any booze. No, sir. They whipped up a whole menu of signature drinks (each employee got to create one…mine was called “The Copycat”) and clients were driven to a microsite where they could select the beverage of their choice. From there, the Akavit crew mailed the drinks in beautifully decorated paint cans with all the fixins, including any glassware, shakers or garnishes needed to make their spirits bright.

I was more than happy to help out with the copy for the email and materials, and now the Denver Egotist featured this amazing idea on their site. Some well-deserved PR for these creative illuminati.