11/28 2018

I don’t know what you all did for Thanksgiving, but I downed a clinical dose of adventure in Belize and Guatemala. In case you’re curious…

I snorkled with a manatee (!!!), green turtle, nurse sharks, sting rays and more tropical fish than I could possibly identify. I also got sea sick.

I flew on tiny 10-person puddle jumper planes, one of which had no other passengers except us. I also only half-panicked when it got bumpy.

I trekked to Tikal, sat in the shadow of the famed Temple One and meandered the same roads as the ancient Maya. I also rode in the back of a pick-up truck and ate fried plantains.

I conquered my fears in the sacred Actun Tunichil Muknal cave where I navigated inches-wide rock passages with rushing water up to my neck and stood inches from thousands-year-old skulls and skeletons of human sacrifices. I also saw a cave spider the size of my fist.

(Cameras outlawed in cave. Photo credit.)

Today, I am back home in Boulder feeling thankful for the opportunity to have experienced these awe-inspiring moments. I’m also overwhelmed with gratitude for the people (that’s you) who enable me to live my passion each and every day. To you and yours, I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Now let’s get back to business.