How Do I Love Thee?

02/14 2020

Let me count the ways.

This is my 9th (!!!) year creating custom valentines to show the love to my clients and colleagues, and I sure hope you like the latest edition. This process has become a sort of annual exercise for me — updating my address list, trying to write a clever card, figuring out which one of my designer friends owes me a favor (thanks, Amy Hayes). Then comes the printing, the ordering, the organizing, the envelope stuffing and the stamping. And with each address label I inadvertently get stuck to my hair, I’m reminded of the wonderful person whom I hope will be happy to receive my greeting of leeeeerve.

So to those of you on my list, I hope your day and mailbox were brightened by this year’s hot pink delivery. And to those of you not on there, hit me up with your address for next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ery’body!