Getting Weird at the Denver 50

01/26 2018

I may have had a little too much fun last night at the Ad Club of Colorado‘s annual awards show celebrating the 50 best ideas from around the state. From packaging and advertising campaigns to commercials and rebrands, there was lots of remarkable work around the room. Well, 49 pieces of remarkable work and one piece that was so disruptive…so creative…so blow-your-hair-back transcendent that people were tripping over their own feet just to see it.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but the campaign I created with Urban Canvas to promote the upcoming Duchamp exhibit at The Dalí Museum certainly held its own among Denver and Boulder’s finest, and we were stoked to have been selected as part of the show. Check back soon for a feature blog on the campaign in February, and in the meantime, I’d like to thank Dave, Jess and Chad for yet another night of revelry, laughter and way too much (or maybe not enough?) Big Mouth quoting. It’s always an honor to serve with you. And Jess, we should have done about 10,000 more of these gifs. #SuspendersAndChains