The Scene From Quarantine

04/23 2020

This world is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! This is Erin Bosik reporting live from my seventh week in quarantine, sending out all the good vibes I can muster and all the hot goss I have to report. Captain Obvious let me know that these are challenging times, and I hope that everyone out there is being smart, staying safe and keeping healthy during what will surely go down in history as the Weirdest. Time. Ever.

Here’s the latest from my neck of the woods…

New Client News

A new wave is coming, and it’s the prettiest shade of pinky-magenta-purple that you ever did see. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been hired by Todd Goldstein, owner and creator of Whoa Dough, to help bring his latest product idea to life. I can’t reveal what it is — I’m a vault for juicy secrets — but I can tell you that it’s divinely tasty, awesomely hydrating, and the kind of beverage that makes you say, “How has nobody thought of this before!?”

Stay tuned for more details on this new brand, which I was honored to name, position and creative direct. I was also lucky enough to support the formula development as one of the primary taste testers. My fridge has been full of crimson samples like the ones below. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!

Creature Comforts

Wildlife is having a damn heyday without us humans messing with their environments and natural behaviors. Two pandas mated at a zoo after the staff had been trying to get them together for 10 freaking years. Mountain lions have been spotted cruising around Boulder, all too happy to wander down out of the mountains into our quiet community below. The bear population has exploded in Yellowstone. And apparently wild turkeys are going for walkabouts on the street outside my house. For real though. Last week, I looked up from my laptop and saw a turkey gobbling down my sidewalk like she owned the place. See pic below, plus another one of my cat Elvis, who loves having me home all day, every day.

Snow Daze

The weather has been…let’s say…temperamental here in Boulder during the COVID-19 crisis. From 60-plus-degree sunny spring days, to epic back-to-back snowstorms, I think we’re all still recovering from the recent weather-induced whiplash. Not only does this year mark Boulder’s snowiest winter on record, but we also claimed the title of America’s snowiest city. Take THAT, other places that snow a lot.


Throughout the ups and downs of this ongoing crisis, I have to give Governor Polis credit. I’ve always liked the guy, but his handling of coronavirus in Colorado has been something to behold. It’s why my family is proud to be doing our part to keep ourselves and others safe by staying at home (check out our virtual Passover seder below), washing our hands like our lives depend on it, and covering our faces when we’re out in public.

We’ll only get through this if we all work together. And while I miss seeing my friends and colleagues, I recognize that these rules aren’t about me. They are in place to protect everyone, especially those working on the front lines: health care professionals, grocery store workers, pharmacists, sanitation professionals, helpers to the homeless, and all the people who are working so hard to keep our homes humming while we stay safe within their walls.

Need Copy?

The EBB home office remains open and ready to help with all things branding, copy and creative. So, please get in touch if there’s anything I can do for you. Or if you just need to hear a friendly voice tell you a joke or that everything’s going to be okay. We got this, people. And I hope to see you soon.