Here to Help In These Wild Times

03/19 2020

What a difference a few weeks can make. From the chaos of a cancelled Expo West to a full-blown global pandemic, this virus has affected us all. Working from home is a new reality for many while others remain on the frontlines staffing essential operations like grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals. Countless restaurant, hospitality and other service workers are out of work. Our entire planet is living in a state of suspended reality wondering when this is going to end. In short: This. Is. Bananas.

But even during these strange and stressful times, I want you to know that I am here to help however I can.

(unflattering yet accurate WFH photo brought to you by my furry assistant, Elvis)

Friends Stick Together.

I count myself lucky to consider the vast majority of my clients to be personal friends, and friends take care of one another. If you have questions I can help answer, or you want to discuss a survival strategy for your business, I’m here. If you’re a Boulder local and find yourself in an emergency, like your pantry is bare or you can’t get out to pick up your prescription, I’m here. If you have a project that I can help tackle — even on an expedited timeline — to help your company make it through this challenging time, I’m here. Call, text or email, and I pinky-swear to do everything I can to support you.

Discounts for New Clients and Clients in Crisis

For my clients in crisis and entrepreneurs who find themselves in an unsure world just as you hoped to start something new, I want to offer a discounted rate for the next month. It is an honor to work with so many emerging and founder-led brands, so if you are in need of copywriting and creative services to keep your doors open, please reach out. In these uncertain times, I want to help small businesses and do what I can to ease the blow of forging forward. (Discount applies to new projects started now through April 19, 2020, based on availability. Contact me for details.)

Hang In There.

We are going to get through this, people. I know we will. And we will come out stronger, more aware and more prepared on the other side. Let’s just stay the hell away from each other in the meantime.

Stay safe. Stay well. And write on.

Your friend,
Erin Beth