2019 In Photos

12/26 2019

I don’t often post personal stuff on here, but if you’ve done business with me, you probably know that my professional self and “weekend” self are one and the same. I’m fortunate enough to consider pretty much all of my colleagues and clients to be friends, and my best friends are mostly people I work with. As such, I don’t have to put on my professional hat on during business hours. I just get to be me. I love this about my job, AND DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!

Whew. Okay, now that that’s out of my system, I wanted to share a little slideshow of my 2019 highlights. I have this gorgeous new blog and all, so it seemed apropos to use it to the fullest. And with this, I wish you all the happiest of holidays and wishes for a bodacious 2020.

I guided Bundle Organics founder and one of my favorite clients @whitneyeveport and her husband Timmy up Mount Sanitas at 5:45am. I also appeared on MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings with Whit and the 1908 Brands gang.

I became an aunt once again. Welcome to the world, sweet Vaid.

I took and texted lots of pics of my cat Elvis.

I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

I attended Expo West for the first time, roamed the rows with pal and colleague Jessie, and got to see so many of my clients proudly display the work we created together.

I surprised my grandma (don’t tell her I called her that) in New York for her 90th birthday.

I took more pics of Elvis and even convinced my clients to use them on social media. @MadeInNature

I went back East for Passover and learned more about my roots and my family’s journey to America.

I went freaking paragliding.

I learned about whiskey (and drank some too) in Nashville as research for a brand naming project. @nashville_craft

I played with my friends, who also happen to be some of my fave creative collaborators. @vermiliondesign

I ran races and miles everywhere I went, and found peace and inspiration on my local Boulder trails.

I started working with all kinds of new clients (human and otherwise). @coloradohorserescue

I traveled to Japan, summited Mt. Fuji at sunrise and spent two weeks away from the English language.

I got 2 feet of snow practically overnight and got to use the excuse, “I think the snow’s still too deep…” to get out of running errands.

I took and shared MORE pics of Elvis. I’m a cat lady, ok?!

And I attended a multitude of holiday parties (even writing the invites for some of them — see image) to celebrate this incredible year with all the people I like the most. @urbancanvas