Keeping the Connection Alive

07/29 2021

Working with Colorado Horse Rescue has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. In fact, since helping this inspiring organization reposition their brand and write their website, I’ve kept in touch by becoming a horse sponsor.

Apparently I have a real “thing” for brown horses with white spots on their heads because all three of my mares have shared this look. First, there was my love, Camila. After five months of visits and great training progress, one of the trainers at CHR offered to foster Camila to give this gorgeous 5-year-old more one-on-one attention. She didn’t even make it to the end of her foster period before being snapped up by a wonderful adopter, which makes total sense. She’s kind of irresistible.

My last visit with Camila

With Camila off to her forever home, I partnered up with Zephyr, an 18-year-old mare who is no longer ridable. I adore meeting and spending time with the companion horses, and Zeph is a gem. She loves being groomed, hugged and pet. When I met her, she had just been added to the CHR Sponsor Program after having been at the Rescue for more than a year. After only 3 months — just my luck — this beautiful horse was given the greatest gift: the perfect home. I was thrilled to receive an update that Zephyr now lives with another female horse and spends her days getting brushed and pampered. Not a bad life, right?

One last hug for Zephyr

Now I’m falling head over hooves for sponsor horse number three, Electra, who was rescued from a dude ranch. CHR was part of an effort to bring 58 horses to safety after undergoing years of trail rides with ill-fitted saddles and improper care. Electra still has a scar on her back from saddle sore, and it’s been a very different experience working with her than my previous two horses. I’m learning to earn her trust and read her signals to me.

Grace, CHR‘s marketing manager (and one of the best clients EVER), has been gracious enough to accompany me on my visits and teach me some beginner skills. I can’t thank her, Katherine and the whole CHR staff enough for their partnership, kindness, business and invitation to come watch the herd any time I want. 😉 🐴

Electra putting up with my hair-styling efforts

If you would like the opportunity to spend time with these amazing animals but aren’t able to adopt, I strongly suggest the sponsorship program. Find info here, and let me know if I can answer any questions.

Going for a little walk outside the pasture