EBB on Elephant Talk.

03/14 2017

I love my work. Pretty much every day I get to wake up and write about something new. From the latest snacks and skincare lines to surveying equipment and law firms on the fringe, there’s really nothing off limits here at EBB Copywriting. But no matter what brand I’m writing for, the goal is always the same: get people to fall head over heels for it. An experience. A food. A destination. A…whatever. It’s all about love.

When Elephant Talk asked to interview me for their podcast, I was a little confused. What does a podcast about sex and relationships want with a weirdo like me? I raised the question in not so many words, and they answered that they wanted to discuss how I translate love into language for the better of brands. I agreed instantly, and the second I set foot in that studio, I was singing like a damn canary.

Check out my episode (Episode 5: Turning on the Volume) right here, and read my guest blog “The Business of Selling Love” to go along with it. Big thanks to Andy and Lisa for having me on the show. Turns out, gabbing about my work on air is almost as much fun as doing it.